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CR 110

Key Info

  • Course CodeCR 110
  • Field of StudyAutomobile Management,Business
  • Type of CourseHonours Degree
  • Type of QualificationBachelor of Science (Honours)
  • Type of Study Full time
  • Application Closing Date
  • Duration4 Years (8 Semesters)
  • Level8
  • LocationBishopstown Campus
  • CAO 1st RoundEntry 2019: 318

Automotive Business Management and Technology provides learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of the ever changing automotive sector. The course comprises a blend of important business and technology aspects central to successful careers in the automotive industry.   


This course has been developed in conjunction with the automotive industry to meet the specific requirements of the industry and therefore provide graduates with significant advantages when seeking employment in the automotive sector. Particular emphasis is placed on course content that prepares learners with the required blend of business and technical aspects to enable them achieve successful and rewarding careers within the automotive industry. The mixture of management, financial, legal and strategic analysis modules in particular will provide graduates with opportunities for rapid career advancement. The programme is delivered through a combination of theory and practical oriented modules.


A unique aspect of the programme being the integration of Dealer Management Software use within core modules which will ensure that graduates possess the most up to date and advanced skills required by key management personnel within the automotive sector.


Work Placement incorporated in year three (minimum of ten weeks) provides the opportunity to apply learned knowledge and skills, while gaining valuable industry experience and unearthing potential employment opportunities for graduates.

The final year project facilitates close working relationships between learners and their preferred area within the automotive industry.   


First Year at a Glance

  • Automotive Administration Theory and practice providing an overview of auto industry structure and operations, including basic dealer management software functions
  • Marketing and Management Introduction to the basic concepts of management and marketing and their application in automotive businesses
  • Engine Technology Theory based instruction on engine construction and operating principles
  • Automobile Electrical Systems Theory and practical application of automobile electrical and electronic systems
  • Vehicle Dynamics Theory based instruction on vehicle running gear and transmission systems
  • Garage Practice Practical experience of motor vehicle engine, transmission and running gear systems
  • Automotive Science Introduction to scientific principles relating to automobile design, operation and performance

There is a CDK Global Bursary available for first year students, please see Questions & Answers below.


Questions & Answers

Is there a Scholarship available?
Yes, CDK Global Bursary

The Department of Process, Energy and Transport Engineering is delighted to announce the 2019 CDK Global Bursary.  Application for this scholarship will open shortly to any student who has applied through the CAO to study the Automotive Business Management and Technology BSc (Honours) (CR110) in CIT. This scholarship is offered in conjunction with CDK Global, Ireland.

Final awarding of Bursary will depend on interview performance and Leaving Certificate results. (Bursary will be awarded in September 2019).

The interview panel will consider

  •  Academic interests
  •  Enthusiasm for the field of Automotive Business Management and Technology
  •  Involvement and achievements in extracurricular activities
  •  Interpersonal and communication skills

What is the nature of the Scholarship?
Funding by CDK Global towards your first year of your 4 years studying the Automotive Business Management and Technology BSc (Honours) (CR110) at CIT. For the academic year 2019/2020 the scholarship will be €3,000. Opportunity (although no obligation) for work placement with CDK Global. No obligation (on either party) postgraduation.


How much Information Technology is involved in the programme?
To reflect the relevance within the automotive industry, IT forms a very important part of the programme and is integrated into modules throughout the programme culminating in year four with the use of Dealer Management Software for strategic analysis, decision making and planning.  

What Information Technology topics are involved?
Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint; CDK Global Dealer Management System; Autodata; CDX Learning Systems.

What level of Business is involved in the programme?
Automotive Industry and Dealership Administration; Management and Entrepreneurship; Financial Accounting and Management Accounting basics; Consumer and HR Law

Will l learn about Marketing?
Yes, a number of modules provide the basis for a good understanding of Marketing and Sales. Such modules include: Management & Marketing, Automotive Sales processes and Automotive Marketing Practices

The work placement sounds exciting. Is it based in Ireland or can you be placed abroad?
Work Placement can be undertaken in any suitable organisation where it is deemed that learners will be able to achieve the learning outcomes for the module. This includes placements abroad.

Is it possible to open your own business with this qualification?
Yes, graduates will have gained knowledge of the important criteria for business establishment and those with the necessary ‘self-start’ characteristics will be able to use this during business start-up.


“I can see that in future all service managers will come from this course and not via the traditional technical background” 
Seán Dowling, Service Manager, Lehane Motors

“It is key that the motor industry has a platform like this to get qualified staff into the labour force for sales and aftersales positions”
Michael O’Brien, General Manager Blackwater Motors

“The reality of the industry dynamics we currently find ourselves in is that there has never been a greater challenge in finding, developing and retaining a high quality workforce”
Cian O’Brien, CIT Graduate and current Chief Operating Officer, Audi of America



For admission to a programme, standard applicants must

  • score the necessary CAO points and
  • meet the minimum entry requirements

Leaving Certificate examination in six subjects i.e. H5 in two subjects, and O6/H7 in four other subjects. The six subjects must include Mathematics, and either English or Irish.

Info re CIT Mathematics Exam only
Some students who apply to CIT courses may not achieve the required entry standard in Mathematics through the Leaving Certificate. For such applicants, CIT offers a second chance to reach the required entry standard through a CIT Mathematics Exam. This second chance facility allows applicants (depending on their results in the CIT Mathematics Examination) to gain entry to courses with an Ordinary Leaving Certificate Mathematics entry standard, and (with a higher level of performance) courses with a Higher Leaving Certificate entry standard. Please click here for more information.


For information of Fees/Student Grants/Scholarships and Financial Assistance, please click here

A wide range of career opportunities exist at all levels of the automotive industry ranging from motor dealerships to vehicle distributors, fleet operators, consultancy, business finance and sales positions. This degree programme will prepare graduates for careers at the leading edge of all areas within the industry, including potential business start-ups.


Potential Areas of Employment

  • Sales, service and parts department management roles within motor dealerships
  • Administration, management, marketing roles within motor vehicle distributors
  • Vehicle parts supplier marketing and management roles
  • Vehicle fleet operator management positions
  • Consultancy and training roles within DMS providers to the automotive industry

CIT has developed a website which gives full details of all modules for all courses. The website also has information on recommended textbooks, average weekly workload, assessments and exams.

Full details of the modules on this programme of study are available by clicking the below tab


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