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Key Info

  • Course CodeCR_BIBAV_8
  • Field of StudyBusiness
  • Type of CourseHonours Degree
  • Type of QualificationBachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Type of Study Part time Online
  • Application Closing Date31st August 2020
  • Start DateSeptember
  • Level8
  • LocationOnline

The BA (Hons) in International Business with Aviation studies is a programme geared at trained pilots to help them get the business skills that may be valuable in career progression and mobility. The programme recognises your aviation training (ATPL) as equivalent to two years of study with two years of further study online culminating in the award.


The programme is delivered fully online and is designed specifically for pilots though the content is focused on broad business principles and issues with a slant on international business.  The modules on the programme are very structured and are delivered by experienced lecturers who are conscious that a pilot’s working life is challenging.


Course Fee
  • €7,000 in 6 instalments
    For more information on Fees, please visit fees/students


This two-year programme recognises the learning involved in becoming a pilot and builds upon it with two years of study of business topics. Students will undertake a variety of modules to help broaden their perspective and understanding of the business world. The programme is delivered fully online.


Duration and Delivery

Two years. All classes are delivered fully online and all interactions with CIT are online. Classes are delivered at times during the day and evening. Given the nature of a pilot’s work, there is no set time that suits all. All material is recorded and available for review immediately after a class has occurred.

Two modules per week for 15 week blocks (approx. 6 hours of lectures/content/contact in total per week)
Semester 1 & 4: September – January (break for Christmas)
Semester 2 & 5: January – May (break for Easter)
Semester 3 & 6: June – August



What do I need to apply?
An EASA (or equivalent) ATPL. You will also be asked after applying to complete a short learning portfolio with some details of your career. Documentary evidence of the ATPL will be needed.


When do classes run?
A full schedule will be available at the end of August 2018 for the semester ahead but classes are scheduled at various times during the day and into the evening. We use random times during the day, as given the nature of a pilot’s work, there is no set time that suits all. All material is recorded and available for review immediately after a class has occurred.


Do I need to attend classes in Cork?
No, never. All classes are online and all interactions with CIT are online.


I can be quite busy at certain times during the year – how flexible is the programme?
We have designed it with flexibility in mind so there is some leeway with deadlines. At the start of each semester a schedule is published which will help you plan. Where you have particular difficulties around certain deadlines we can offer some support.


Do I need to do group work? Tell me more about the assessments.
There is very limited group work on this programme. The majority of assessments will be individual with some group assessments. There are no terminal examinations.  All the assessments have a real world flavour. We try to make them as practical as possible. There is some detail on the assessments in brochure. Some of the skills you need to develop to do the assessments will be developed as the programme progresses.


Is the programme mainly focused on Aviation?
No, the focus is on general business principles with a slant on international business. We do intend to talk about some case studies from the Aviation sector but we want students to have a broader perspective than that. Your experience in the aviation industry will be useful.


How busy would I be overall if I did this programme?
Any undertaking like this takes time. There would be an expectation each week to stay on top of material, to read notes and to work on assignments. This tends to increase as the semester progresses but generally should be manageable.  We will give some support around time management and this, coupled with your own discipline, should be enough to help you manage the workload. Everyone learns at different rates - but you should expect to put  approx. 10 hours per week (on average) on top of classes.  Lot so people learn on  a part-time basis at CIT and we have designed the programme to reflect what we have found to be manageable based on our experience.


  • Successful completion of a frozen ATPL and associated Training

  • Submission of an appropriate Entry Learning Portfolio*

  • Applicants will be expected to have an IELTS of 6.0 for English language proficiency (or equivalent) where deemed necessary by the Head of Department


*The Entry Learning Portfolio will capture the formal and informal learning of the applicant in a short portfolio that will be focused on assessing each student’s ability to cope with the type of learning associated with a Level 8 programme. This is submitted after your initial application upon contact with the programme director. The Entry Learning Portfolio will therefore include:

  • Documentary evidence of qualifications
  • Extended CV
  • Reflective log on learning to date
  • Short essay contrasting various business models within the aviation industry



How to Apply


  • Online application is open for course commencing September 2020.

  • If interested in this programme, the first step is to apply and provide some basic details. It is best to also upload a CV (even 1 page will do) and contact details. Bear in mind, you can only be accepted on the programme if you have an ATPL. Non-native English speakers will need to demonstrate their proficiency in English.

  • After applying at the button below, some further details will be required and you will have to do a brief portfolio to demonstrate your interest in this programme. More details on this will be supplied after the initial application, but it is brief.

  • Please note that applicants will be required to pay an acceptance fee of €500 online if a place on a course is offered. This fee is deductible from the overall course fee.
    Note: You will not be charged for applying for the programme by clicking the 'apply now' button, you are only asked to pay an acceptance fee if a place is offered to you and you wish to accept it.


Course Details

Part-time Information

  • All part-time programmes at CIT will run subject to sufficient student numbers. Where a programme cannot proceed, applicants will be contacted and advised on alternative study options.
  • Students should note that Fees quoted relate to the academic year 2020-2021 only and are subject to change on an annual basis. Except where stated, course fees cover the cost of tuition only. 


  • Registration fees for professional bodies etc. are payable separately to these institutions. Students will be notified of their fees by email to their CIT email account and in all cases, course fees must be paid before attending lectures.  For more information on Fees, please visit fees/students

  • Some candidates may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning based on previous academic or work experience. If you think you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning, please check out www.cit.ie/rpl
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